Media Duplication DVD/CD/VHS media duplication for video production clients. From 10 to 10,000 we can handle your duplication needs

8mm Conversion (Temporarily Discontinued) Super 8 film, 16mm film and 8mm film to DVD, AVI, Quicktime, Windows Media Video files. Please contact us for a quote.

Digital Format Conversion• HDV •MT2 • DVCAM • Mini DV • DVD • Digital 8 • High 8
• FLV • SWF • AVI • MT2 • MPEG4 • MPEG 2 • MPG • MOV • WMV • RM • MP3 • WAV

Linear (Tape) Conversion, & Foreign Format Conversion” Media transfers are available also 8mm/Super8 film to DVD, VHS to DVD, Audio Cassettes to CD. All foreign formats such as PAL SEACAM PAL M can be processed also. All DVD’s come with a customized navigation menu, labels, and packaging.